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Are you ready to go from a hot mess to a hot mama?

Overcome emotional eating to lose your weight once and for all. 

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Meet Stephanie

Certified Health Coach, Life Coach, Author, Essential Oils Educator, Girl Mom, Wanna be rockstar.

Hey mama! I'm here to drop a whole lotta truth about weight loss.  It's not as hard as you think.  I have put together some simple strategies you can use now to start seeing results.  You are too busy to count, measure, and obsess about food.  Let's unwind your old diet mentality and create some real success.  

If you are ready to get off the diet roller coaster so you can lose weight for good, you are in the right place mama! 


What I Specialize In



A.I.M Method

Emotional Eating

Set Health Goals

Personalized Weight Loss Plan

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Belief. Begin Your Journey Today.

There are SO many things I discovered going through your program, but I would have to say the biggest thing would be making time for myself, putting myself first and staying true to a hard NO.  There are just so many more!

Alisa C.

I know we aren’t done with our journey yet but i want to thank you for being my coach . What I take away from our sessions has absolutely opened up my eyes. I love all the little "tricks' I never thought of like de-cluttering my life to find clarity! You have made me want to be a better version of me.  

Stacie M. 

Physically I lost 5lbs, during our 90 day program, mentally and emotionally the weight I lost is still coming off!! Over the summer so far with all our get togethers and fun I have lost 7lbs, I learned a lot from Stephanie and feel her support daily. Stephanie really focuses on the 1% change. Even though I finished the 90 day program I am still working on the 1% daily. I do believe my success with Stephanie is from her ability to help me open up and share personal issues

Sherry V.

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